Make sure your cell phone is charged up for this show! After each singer you will be asked to vote on your phone by going to You will be able to give each singer a score from 1 to 5. Your score will go straight to our computer and total up your score with everyone else in the audience. The audience score will be added to the Judges scores. At the end of each show after we do a little math the Winners will be announced.



Do we get to help pick the winners? Yes. Audience members will be able to use their smart phone to vote for each singer. At the end of the show you will get to see who the winner is! Pick the winner and then come back and help them win it all!

How do we get tickets? Tickets to The Main Event in Las Vegas can be bought on this website. For more information go to the home page and click on “Show Tickets”.

Can I become a volunteer? Yes. We are always looking for help. Just email and let him know you are not a singer, but you would like to help at the festival. Let him know if you have any special skills we may be looking for. He will contact you to give you details. You will also get a WSOK Staff T-shirt!

Do we have to be 21?  We are woking to make the shows 18 and up. It all depends on where The Main Event is held in Las Vegas. Casino/gaming laws are hard out here and we ahve to check to make sure we can do this. The best thing to do is keep checking back here of email us closer to the event.

Why should I buy a VIP pass? If you are planning on coming to four or more shows this is the cheapest way to go. Plus, you get to skip the line and go right into the showroom when we start seating. You also get a free T-shirt when you buy a VIP pass. Restrictions apply: If you are not in line or show up late, the show may be sold out and your VIP pass will not be good for that show.

Can I use the discount code for the hotel rooms at The Main Event in Las Vegas? Yes. If you are traveling in for the festival then please use the discount hotel rate and stay where all the singers will be staying! Just go to the Hotel button for the info.

Is there a drink Minimum? At The Main Event in Las Vegas there is not a drink minimum. 

Can we sit anywhere we want? No, The WSOK reserves the right to seat all audience members in the club at their discretion.

 Is food served? Not at The Main Event, but the hotel has many restaurants that are open before and after the shows.