Who should I contact about running a Karaoke Satellite Contest?

If you have more questions or need help, contact Joe Lowers at joe@theworldseriesofkaraoke.com or John Spiers at john@theworldseriesofkaraoke.com. Or, you can register for free and we will contact you.

So is it really FREE to register as a Karaoke Satellite Contest location?

Yes. Our goal is to find the best karaoke singers and get them all to Las Vegas for our Karaoke Festival. We think the best way to find them is through KJ’s and karaoke venues. This is the place where Karaoke singers go to sing, and the best people to help us find them is you.

Will I make money by being a part of The World Series of Karaoke?

Yes. As soon as you have your 25 singers signed up and registered on our website, you are qualified to run your contest. Once this happens, you will be paid $150. For every 10 singers you qualify after the first 25, you will make another $100.

Can I make more money?

If the winner of The Main Event in Las Vegas is from your Satellite Contest, you will receive all or a part of a $500 bonus (depending upon how many category winners may or may not come from Satellite Contests). We must have 75 qualifying Satellite Contest in order for the $500 bonus to go into effect.

What are the dates we can run a contest?

Registration opens July 17, 2016, and closes on December 4, 2016. Singer registration closes December 12, 2016 This means that as soon as you qualify, you can run your contest or contests anytime between August 1st through to the December 4th deadline. This will give you 18 weeks total. We must have the name of your winner by December 5, 2016. This will give us time to contact your winner and give your winner time to plan their trip to Las Vegas for February 20-25, 2017.

How many singers do I have to have register on your website to qualify?

You must have 25 singers sign up on our website to qualify. This is a number we believe most KJ’s can reach and will make for a good contest for you and your venue. You can sign up more than 25 singers, but 25 singers is the minimum number to qualify.

Can I start my contest if I don’t have 25 singers qualified?

No. You must qualify the full 25 before you can start. The reason for this is because we do not want the singers to mistakenly believe they are winning a spot in the Karaoke Festival in Las Vegas if they are actually not because the 25 minimum wasn’t reached. Singers can sign up after your contest has started, adding more singers to your total and more cash in your pocket.

What happens if I don’t get enough singers signed up to qualify?

The singers you do have signed up will still be registered for the February Karaoke Festival in Las Vegas and can submit a video to try to be one of the singers selected. They will also be allowed to pick a different Karaoke Contest and sing in that contest. We will work with you in every way we can. If you need more time, as long as it is within the contest dates, we will give you that time.

How will I know what singers have registered and when I qualify to run my contest?

As soon as a singer registers on our website and they pick your Satellite contest, you will get an email from us with their information. They will also get an email with your information to let them know to look for an email from you on the dates and information regarding your contest. As soon as you hit the 25 singers needed to qualify, we will PayPal you $150 with a note to let you know it is now okay to run your contest.

How many singers do we get to send to Las Vegas for the Karaoke Festival?

Our goal is to have 100 to 150 Satellites all over the world this year. So each Satellite contest will only get to provide us with one singer each. The remaining spots will be filled from video submissions.

Can I help more of my singers get picked for the Karaoke Festival?

Yes. All you need to do is set up a camera and film your singers during your Karaoke Contest. Many of the singers who make it into the festival will be selected from the videos submitted. They could be picked from the video you provide. If they win the entire contest, you win the bonus of $500.

How soon will my satellite be listed on your website?

Within a week of registering or sooner as we plan to get your Satellite listed as fast as possible so the singers can start picking your Karaoke Contest.

Can we register now and run our contest later?

Yes. In fact, that is what we hope you will do. This way, it is listed on our website for singers to find it. Once we hit the limit for qualifying satellites, we will close registration for the Karaoke Contest Satellites for 2016/17.  This will filter additional singers into the existing Satellites which will generate more money for you.

How many Karaoke Satellite will there be?

Our goal is to have 100 to 150 this year from all over the world.

When will I know the date I have to have my singers qualified by?

As soon as we receive your registration, you will get an email from us to let you know the date you must be qualified by. On the registration form you will get to pick the start date you want to run your contest. The  singer qualifying date we will give you will be one to two weeks prior to the start date you picked for your contest. This will give you time to schedule the singers and to promote your contest. This will also give the singers time to promote what night they are singing and get more people out to vote for them.

Will we get help signing up our singers?

Yes. We have a very large email database and are always utilizing social media and working on Facebook. We plan to send emails and Facebook posts to singers to let them know about your contest. Our plan is to help you get some of the 25 singers you will need to qualify. You will get credit for any singers, we may help you sign up. We may be able to help some Karaoke Contests more that others this will be dependent on the number of singers, we can reach in your area.

Does my Karaoke Contest winner have to pay the remaining $40 Karaoke Festival fee?

No. Everyone has to pay $35 to enter, but the winner of your Karaoke Contest will not have to pay anymore to perform in Las Vegas at the Karaoke Festival. Singers picked from their videos, however, will have to pay the $40 Karaoke Festival fee.

How many times can we run a contest in our bar/nightclub?

You can run a Karaoke Contest in your bar/nightclub as many times as you would like. For each Karaoke Contest you do, you will have to register each one individually online. You will also need to qualify 25 different singers from your other Karaoke Contest. Singers who have already registered for one of your other Karaoke Contests can sing in the new contest if you want to let them, but they will not count towards your qualifying number of 25.

Do I have to follow your rules in our Satellite Contest?

Yes and no. As far as running your contest in your bar/nightclub, you can run it however works best for you. For example, you can choose to run your contest all in one night or over several weeks. You will be emailed a set of rules and judging sheets which will help you run your contest, but it is totally up to you if you use them. We understand that many of you have run karaoke contests in the past. The only rules we have is your singers must register online on our website and pay the registration rate of $35. Plus, you must have 25 singers pre-registered to qualify to run a contest. As far as our rules for The Main Event in Las Vegas, yes, you have to follow the rules on the website. The Main Event rules only tell you when you have to have the names of your winners to us and things that have to do with The Main Event in Las Vegas. 

What’s the best way you have found to have the audience vote?

That’s easy. It’s LiveVotingApp.com. It’s simple to set up and it’s free. Everyone will be able to vote from their smart phone, and you get the information sent to you as it is happening.

Can I get promotional material/artwork done for free?

We are always creating artwork to help the promotion of the festival in Las Vegas, and we will do whatever we can to make sure you have what you need to have a great contest. If you need something special, email us and we will let you know if it is something we can get done for you. We may find some of it a good idea for us to do for everyone. You are always welcome to use any of the Facebook covers we have or any of the art we have already set up for the festival. You will get a link where you will be able to see the graphics we have already made which you can use for free to promote your contest.

How do I know this is legit?

My name is Joe Lowers and here is my personal cell number: 702 205-9050. Give me a call if you want. I answer my phone most all of the time, unless I am sleeping or on stage. I have my own comedy show in Las Vegas and have been doing comedy for 22 years. Before comedy, I earned a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and worked in the graphic design industry. Then, I started a business of my own which is now one of the largest vending companies in Pittsburgh. After falling in love with comedy, I sold my vending business to pursue comedy full time.  After being a comedian for all of these years and wanting to help up-and-coming comics get work, I started The World Series of Comedy. We are now in our 7th successful year and have given away over 400 weeks of work. I have found out I am pretty good at putting together festivals, so in 2014 I decided to take what I’ve learned creating and producing the comedy festival and do the same thing for karaoke. This will be our 4th Annual World Series of Karaoke, and every year, it gets bigger and better. Plus, I live in Las Vegas, which makes this much easier to pull off and a fun place for everyone to travel to and enjoy.

Will I get customer support?

Yes, most definitely. I have learned over the past seven years of running The World Series of Comedy and the past four years of running The World Series of Karaoke that, sometimes, you just need to talk to someone. If I don’t answer my cell when you call, someone will call you back as soon as possible. I also understand this is a big commitment and you may have questions or you may need help answering questions. I know one of the reasons The World Series of Comedy has worked so well is because I take the time to answer questions the best I can.

What do we do after we run our contest?

When your contest ends, we will need you to email us the name of your winner. We will have all of their additional information because they will have already registered on our website. We would also need the names of your 2nd and 3rd Place singers. If your winner does not plan on making the trip to the Karaoke Festival in Vegas, then we will contact the 2nd Place singer from the list provided. If we are not given a list of backup singers, then no one will be able to be contacted to take the spots you have. Giving us a list of singers will help ensure the spot you have is filled and your company is represented at the festival. We will only contact the top three. If none of them can make it to Las Vegas, then your contest will not be represented in the festival.

What does the winner of your contest get from The World Series of Karaoke?

  • Direct entry into the contest in Las Vegas, where they will compete against up to 320 other singers and have a shot at winning a part of the $10,000 prize money. (Prize money is based on the number of singers who register and attend the festival)
  • Discounts on hotel rooms in Las Vegas at the hosting hotel.
  • VIP Pass to all of the karaoke contest shows in Las Vegas for the festival, which is a $1,000 dollar value.

Do we have to give anything to the winners of our contest?

No, you do not. We feel what they are getting from The World Series of Karaoke is very ample to get them to sign up for your contest. If you would like, and it is totally up to you, you can give them some cash for their trip to Las Vegas. We know some Satellite locations have talked about doing this.

Is there any other way for someone to enter?

Yes. Singers can register online on the website and pay the full registration fee of $75 and submit a video. The smarter way would be to pick a Satellite even if they can’t make it there to only pay $35. Submit a video and if selected, pay the additional $40. If not, then it only costs the singer $35 and you get credit for a singer towards your 25 you need to qualify.

Is there something we can do to get a FREE hotel room in Las Vegas?

Yes. If you qualify three Karaoke Satellite locations, we will give you a five-night stay in Las Vegas during the week of the festival. That would mean 75 singers signed up for your three contests. Once we see you have qualified three times, we will make sure your hotel room is set for the karaoke festival in Vegas.