Joe Lowers


702 205-9050

John Spiers

Main KJ & Satellite Specialists

209 855-6819

Andrew Rose

Show Host & Satellite Team

405 823-9681


Where will our logo be displayed?

Your Logo will be on our website, throughout the hotel, in the showroom. In the hotel rooms and all off-site events such as Bowling Night. The host of the show will talk about your company telling audience members to visit your website, your store or buy your products.

Who will see our logo?

The festival is in Las Vegas so you will be reaching people from all across the United States and the world. Your logo will be seen by:

o   the thousands who go to our website and Facebook pages
o   the hundreds who will attend the karaoke shows
o   all of the hotel guests who stay at the hotel during the week of The World Series of Karaoke
o   the singers who will be performing
o   the thousands of people walking and driving by the hotel everyday the week prior and the week of the festival

Where are the audience members from?

Our Audience members are tourists as well as Las Vegas locals. The karaoke singers come from all over the USA & Canada.

What is the audience demographic?

Karaoke is enjoyed by everyone. The potential age range of people seeing your logo is very wide, from 18 to 95. Most audience members fall between 18 to 65. In almost every karaoke show audience you will find every ethnicity. The one thing they all have in common is they like to have a good time. Our singers range in age from 18 to 65. Users of very age and ethnicity go to our website.

How much will it cost to be a sponsor?

We have different sponsorship packages that fit any budget. We know what it takes to get the word out and we can work together to make your business more successful! And, it will only help us grow The World Series of Karaoke!

Will you trade goods for sponsorship?

Yes, we love to trade! We have a list of things we need to make our festival successful. Many of these are things you may already have. Getting your logo out to everyone may be worth a trade for both of us. Just email and let him know you want to be a sponsor.

What kind of Sponsor are you looking for?

We are truly looking for everything. Our audience is so diverse that any company who wants to sponsor us will find the right people they want to reach.

Do I have to be in Las Vegas to sponsor the festival?

No. The fact that The Main Event is in Las Vegas means people from all over the world will see and learn about your company.

Can I get a free hotel room for the week of the festival?

Benefits such as accommodations during the festival depend on the size of the sponsorship package negotiated.

My business is very small. You probably won’t want us as a sponsor?

We benefit from partnerships of all sizes. And, just like we love helping singers, we also love helping other businesses grow.

Can I get free tickets or VIP passes to the karaoke shows?

Yes. We would like nothing more to have you at a show and point you out to the audience! Amounts of tickets or passes will be negotiated for each sponsorship plan.

Can I play in the Poker Tournament with the singers?

Spots in the tournament can be negotiated in each sponsorship package. We love the idea of having sponsors playing alongside all the singers – as long as you don’t win!

Can I go bowling with the singers?

Yes. We would love to have you join us for this wild night. We will be sure to point you and your company out to everyone who is bowling with us.

Can I hang out at all the events during the week with the singers?

Sponsors are welcome at all of our late night parties. As stated before, we would love to let everyone know you are there hanging out with us!

Is there any place I can set up a table?

Booth presence during the festival can be negotiated in a premium-level sponsorship package. Opportunities include locations in front of the audience entrance. Also in the showroom during the day while singers are checking in or doing sound checks for the show that night.

Can someone from our company be a guest judge for one of the shows

Yes, We feel this would be a great way to promote your company. Our host would announce your judge’s name and the company they are from during the show.