When I submit a YouTube video for FREE, am I automatically getting to sing in the contest at The Main Event Karaoke Festival in Las Vegas?

No. We will watch all of the submitted videos of everyone who has registered and will pick the top singers in each category to perform at The Main Event in Las Vegas. If you are selected as a performer in one of the shows via your video submission, you will need to pay the registration fee of $75. If you are a winner of one of our Karaoke Satellite Contests, you will not have to pay the $75 to perform.

I picked a Satellite Contest, should I still give you a video?

Yes. That is what we are hoping everyone who registers and picks a Satellite Contest will do. We know the winner of the Satellite Contest gets a spot in The Main Event in Las Vegas, but we are hoping to get several more singers from each Satellite Contest into The Main Event in Las Vegas via video submissions. Winners of the Satellite Contests will only make up a part of the singers in The Main Event.  The rest will come from video submissions.

Why should I help my Satellite Contest sign up more singers?

Each Satellite Contest must have 25 singers signed up to qualify.  This has to happen before they can start their contest. If you help them reach the number they need by asking friends and posting on facebook, you can insure you get to perform in that Satellite Contest.

What if my Satellite Contest doesn’t qualify?

When you register and pay the $35, you are registering for The Main Event Karaoke Festival in Las Vegas. If the Satellite Contest you picked doesn’t qualify, you will be given the chance to pick a different Satellite Contest. If none are close to you then you will still have a chance of being picked for The Main Event in Las Vegas via your video submission.

Can I submit to more than one Satellite Contest?

Yes. This can’t be done on the registration form, but once you are registered if you would like to pick more than one Satellite Contest location to perform at, just email us and we will email you the link to add another Satellite Contest for only $10.

If I don’t win a Satellite Contest, can I still be picked to perform in Las Vegas at the Karaoke Festival?

Yes. All you have to do is make sure we have a YouTube video of you singing. If you didn’t give us a link in your registration, then you can email the link to us here: Please only email a link if you are registered. 

Is there another way to register without doing a Satellite Contest?

Yes. Singers can register online on the website and submit a video for free. If you are selected as a performer in one of the shows via your video submission, you will need to pay the registration fee of $75.

Am I registering for the Karaoke Festival in Las Vegas or a Satellite Contest?

When you register, you are registering for The Main Event in Las Vegas. The Satellite Contest you pick is just a bonus. We are trying to give the singers as many ways to be seen and be selected as part of the Festival as we can.

How much is the registration fee?

The total registration fee is $75, but if you pick a Satellite Contest, you can pay just the first part of the registration of $35, then if you are selected as a performer in one of the shows in Las Vegas via your video submission, you will need to pay the second part of the registration fee of $40. If you are not selected to perform in Las Vegas, you only have to pay the $35.

What should I do if there is not a Satellite Contest in my area?

Here is a link to a form where you can give us the information to the KJ in your area. We will need several things, so take a look at the form and give us as much information as you can. We will then contact your KJ to see if they would like to run a Satellite Contest. You can also find this link on the map on the home page.

Will I get to pick what night I go up if I get picked for Las Vegas?

Yes, if you register by the end of September. This is a special deal we are running in November. After November, you will not be able to pick what night you go up. We will put all of the names into a hat and draw the order and the nights they will perform at random. This has to be done prior to the festival so we have the time needed to set up the paperwork and have the graphics and the signage ready. If someone just cannot make it on a certain night, we will make a note of that and if someone else lets us know they cannot do a certain night and it works out that those nights are the same, then we will switch those singers. We will not ask anyone to switch for anyone else. If you cannot make it on the night you are picked to go up and we can’t switch you, then you will have to pull yourself out of the contest.

Do I have to be at The Main Event for all six days?

No. You only need to be in Las Vegas the night you are scheduled to perform. If you win and  are one of the top two from the Monday through Thursday shows, you will have to be there on Friday and Saturday for The Finals.

When can we check in and pick up our festival credentials?

Festival check-in/registration will be in the showroom and open starting at 10AM each day through showtime.

Why don’t the registered singers get to come into the showroom and watch every show?

The showroom where we hold the shows in Las Vegas holds about 125 people. We hope to have 320 singers at the Festival. If we were to allow all of the singers into every show, there would be no room for our audience members each night who come to enjoy the singing and entertainment.  As a singer, wouldn’t you rather perform in front of a real show audience full of Las Vegas locals and tourists than only for some of the other singers?

Do we get any free tickets to the shows in Las Vegas?

Yes. When you check in at the Festival Registration to pick up your name badge for the week, you will be given one free ticket. This ticket can be used by you or someone else for any of the shows, as long as that show is not sold out. Free Singer Tickets will have to wait until showroom is seated with the regular audience, then if there are seats available after that, you will be able to use your Free Ticket.  Typically we are able to seat everyone who is wanting to go in and use their Free Ticket.  There have only been a couple of instances where we haven’t been able to.

Can we buy discount tickets to the shows in Las Vegas?

Yes. At each show, you will be able to buy one ticket for $5, but these tickets will only be sold once the regular audience has been seated and we know how many seats we have left and they can only be purchased for use by the Registered Singer. You will also be able to buy half price tickets, and you can buy as many half price tickets as you want and can use them however you like.  For example, most Registered Singers buy them for their family and friends to use.  The half price tickets will be seated with the regular audience members and will not have to wait until the end of seating to see if there are seats available.

Can singers buy the offered audience packages for themselves if they want to see the shows at The Main Event?

Any singer who wants to pay the regular audience prices are free to do so and will enjoy the benefits of any regular audience member. Singers paying for admission are subject to any and all food/drink minimums that apply. The WSOK reserves the right to seat all audience members at their discretion.

Will there be a discount on the hotel in Las Vegas at The Main Event?

Yes. There is a discount for singers who are staying at the hosting hotel. This will be the only hotel we will offer discounts on. Staying at the hosting hotel supports the festival. Information on the hotel can be found on the Hotel page of the website. Please help us make this work by staying at the hosting hotel.

Can we buy a discount VIP Pass to the Main Event shows in Las Vegas?

Yes.  When you check in you can buy a VIP Pass for all of the shows for a big,  discounted price. Restrictions do apply: You will only be able to use this VIP Pass if the show is not sold out and/or there is room in the back, and you will be seated after the regular audience and before any other singers buying a discount ticket for that show. Also, the VIP Pass can only be used by the person who bought it and they must be a Registered Singer.

Can we volunteer to help at the shows in Las Vegas?

Yes. We always need help as a Festival this size requires the assistance of many people. If you would like to volunteer, email us at We will take your information and set up a schedule of when and where we will need volunteers. You will also receive a WSOK Staff t-shirt!

Can I mail you a check for my registration?

No. Everyone must enter the contest via the WSOK website and your registration fee must be paid online. This is the best way for us to keep track of the registrations.

When does registration close?

The registration deadline is December 31, 2016. On January 4, 2017, the final portion of singers chosen to perform in Las Vegas will be posted on the website.

Do I have to pay for my own travel to Las Vegas?

Yes. We do not cover travel, so you will be responsible for your own travel expenses. We are working with the hotel to provide a good, discounted Las Vegas hotel room rate.

Can I register if I am under 18?

Yes, but you must have a parent or guardian fill out the Under 18 registration form for you and agree to the terms of the Young Stars (under 18) singers category. This information will be found on the Under 18 registration form.

Are the Young Stars (under 18) free to register?

Yes and No. Their parents can fill out the special Under 18 registration form just for them and submit a video for FREE. If they are selected to perform in Las Vegas at the Karaoke Festival from their video submission, they will then be asked to pay the Registration Fee of $75. If they are not selected, then it will cost them nothing.

Can the Young Stars (under 18) do a Satellite Contest?

No. All winners of the Karaoke Satellite Contests must be 18 or older. If the Satellite Contest in your area would like to let you sing so you can get a video to submit, that is up to each Satellite Contest KJ.

How many songs will I be singing during the week?

There is a whole section on this website regarding this and how it should be set up. That information can be found here on the Song Information page.

If I advance from Round One, what happens next?

There is a whole section on this website regarding this and how it should be set up. That information can be found here on the Contest Format page.

Can I get a refund?

Our refund policy can be found in the Rules. Short answer is only if The Main Event Karaoke Festival is canceled. There are no refunds for Satellite Contests that do not happen as we have no control over that.