The World Series of Karaoke

February 20-25, 2017

Official Rules for Karaoke Contest

Karaoke Contest Rules

1.All winners must be at least 18 years of age. Your winner may need to show proof of age when they arrive in Las Vegas for the Karaoke Festival.

2. Registration is FREE. It will cost you nothing to register to be a Satellite.

3. You can earn $150 or more by running a Satellite Contest. As soon as you qualify your 25 singers, you will be paid $150. You will be paid $100 more for each additional 10 Singers after the first 25.

4. You must qualify the full 25 singers before you can start your Satellite Contest. More singers can sign up after your contest has started, adding more singers to your total.

5. You will receive an email from us as soon as a singer registers and picks your Satellite. This will have all of their contact information so you can contact them and give them the information they will need for your contest. This will also let you know how many singers you have and how close you are to qualifying.

6. All singers are required to register online on our website to be a contestant in your Satellite Contest. Karaoke Hosts are required to confirm identification and verify registration. Karaoke Hosts should have a laptop or tablet with internet access to assist additional singers in completing the registration process.

7. You may run more than one Satellite Contest this season, but you will have to register online separately for each contest and have 25 different singers register online on our website for each Satellite Contest to qualify.

8. We request that ask your singers if they have also submitted a video for the contest. If they have not, we would like you to record them or remind them to record themselves so that they may be able to submit a video as well.

9. If the winner of The Main Event in Las Vegas is from your Satellite Contest, you will receive all or a part of a $500 bonus (depending upon how many category winners may or may not come from Satellite Contests). We must have 75 qualifying Satellite Contest in order for the $500 bonus to go into effect.

10. If a singer picks your Satellite Contest as their second or third Satellite Contest they are participating in, you do not get credit for that singer towards the 25 needed to qualify. You do, however, get more singers in your contest. The reason for this is because the singer is not paying the additional registration fees required to count as a qualifying singer.

11. Every singer has the same opportunity to send in a video submission. When you assist them with registration or they register on their own before the contest, the form will ask for a video.  They can choose the option to send one later.  If they win 2nd or 3rd Place, or 10th Place, or last place even – everyone is afforded the same opportunity to send in a video submission. If they are selected through video submission, they can join and participate with the other winning contestant you have sent to us.  Your contest winner will have the final $40 registration fee waived to attend the Festival.

12. We ask that you place our logo on your website with a link to singer registration.  Use social media to your advantage, posting your contest dates consistently. Word of mouth spreads. Make sure to talk to everyone you can. We provide you with links to our logo and artwork we use for promoting. You are free to use as much of our promo as you would like.

13. If a singer registers online for your Satellite Contest and does not show up for your contest, you will still get credit for their registration towards the 25 you need to qualify. 

14. Singer registration is open until December 12, 2016. Satellite Contests can register and start a contest as late as November 20, 2016, but doing so will shorten the contest period.  The winner’s name must be received on or before December 12, 2016, to be considered.

15. Satellite Contest winners are responsible for their lodging and travel to Las Vegas. We have a special hotel rate discount code which can be used by ANYONE who wants to attend the festival.  This code can be found on our website.

16. Minors can participate in the Festival, but they cannot be the winner of your Satellite Contest. Your winner must be 18 or older. You can let minors sing and film them for The Main Event, but anyone under 18 will not count towards the 25 singers you need to qualify. Registration is FREE for our Young Stars category. Anyone under 18 will need a parent or guardian to fill out their registration form and chaperone their stay in Las Vegas. If they are picked to perform, they will then pay the $75 registration fee.

17. You may select judges as you choose and allow audience voting if you choose. You can find out more information about audience voting in the FAQ’s

18. When the singers register, they will pick a category. They do not have to stick with this category if they should win your contest. We will have categories in our contest as long as the number of singers needed for each category is reached. Should you wish to run your contest with the category format of the Festival, the categories are:

  • Country Gents
  • Country Gals
  • Pop Guys
  • Pop Ladies
  • Silver (over 50)

19. Rap and Heavy Metal songs are not allowed in the Festival. Satellite Coordinators should coach and encourage contest-friendly choices.  All songs must be performed in English – the exception is if part of a song is originally done in another language (that is allowed).  This is for the singer’s benefit and the judges, as a foreign language track may preclude them from advancing. 

20. Singers must perform and be judged on a solo performance.  No duets or group performances are allowed.

21. You are required to notify us of the contest winner by email immediately after the contest has concluded. We would also like the list of your top 10 singers from your contest so we can contact and ask them to send us a video if they haven’t already done so. Email information to:

22. You may pick up local sponsors of the contest to cover hotel and travel expenses for your winner. If you would like to help them earn support, you are welcome to do so.  If you have a good contact with a sponsor for the Festival, please email with the information. We offer a great commission on sponsorships.

23. No refunds will be given unless the Festival has been canceled. The World Series of Karaoke reserves the right to reschedule The Main Event three times without refunding the registration fee. This has not happened before and would only happen on the conditions that our singer registration falls below the deadline quota or if we lose the right to use the showroom currently scheduled for the Festival.

24. We reserve the right to modify these rules with or without notice. As long as the Festival is operational, the current document can be viewed on our website and will also be sent with each Satellite Proposal by the Registration Director.

25. The World Series of Karaoke and other sponsors associated with the contest will not be held responsible for any problems that arise through Satellite Contests. Each satellite is responsible for their own operation within the Rules and Regulations set forth for Satellite Contests. Furthermore, the Satellite Coordinator, the local venue, and/or the local sponsor agrees to waive and release any and all rights, claims and causes of action whatsoever that he or she may have against The World Series of Karaoke and other sponsors in connection with all contests.

Any questions or feedback about these Rules should be directed to us via email and we will be happy to answer them. or