Total Registration Fee is $75

Register for $0 now, submit a video for FREE and pay the $75 if you get selected to perform in Las Vegas at The Main Event. If you do not get selected from your YouTube video, you do not have to pay the $75. It will cost you nothing to Submit a Video!

NOVEMBER SPECIAL! Choose your Round One performance night!
Yes, you really can choose the date of your first performance! This is on a first come, first serve basis, so register now before the night you want has filled up.

 What The Registration Fee Covers

* Special Hotel Room Rates * One Night Pass to One of the Karaoke Shows Being Held During the Week * Invite to Closing Night Cocktail Party * Ticket for the Friday night private comedy show for the Festival * Invite to our Wednesday midnight bowling.



There will be three or more judges at each show. Each category is worth up to 10 points. The maximum points each contestant can score is 30 points from each judge.

Judges will be looking at three categories:

Vocal Performance (10 points) –How was the singer’s pitch, phrasing, rhythm, and tone? Did the singer sing on key? Does the song fit the singer’s vocal range and ability?

Stage Presence (10 points) – How comfortable was the singer on stage? Did the contestant sing to the entire audience? Was the singer looking up at the ceiling or down at the floor the whole time? Or glued to the lyrics monitor? Were the words sung at the correct time? Correct lyrics?

Overall Performance (10 points) – Did the singer dress like a winner? Was the singer committed to his or her performance? Did the contestant connect with the audience? These are some of the things the judges will think about when scoring this category.

The audience will be voting on each singer’s performance on a scale from 1 to 5. They will NOT be judging the singers against each other, so they could give each singer 5 points if they wanted to. The singer with the largest number will have 5 points added to the judges’ scores; second – 4 points, third – 3 points, fourth – 2 points, and fifth – 1 point. It is set up this way so that even if a singer brings every person in the audience to vote for them, the most points they could get added to their score is 5. More weight is given to the judges’ scores than the audience’s score for a better balance to the competition.

The Satellites are run by each location in a manner that best fits their venue. Each Satellite has been given a set of rules and contest guidelines from The World Series of Karaoke. It is the Satellite’s choice to use them or run the contest a different way. The World Series of Karaoke is not responsible for any judging at the Satellite level. Any problems at a Satellite level contest should be addressed at that specific location.